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KimaAir Inside/Out 

  • KimaAir Inside/Out is the new way of protecting your roof space against excessive condensation. This

  • KimaAir ventilation fitting is installed from inside the roof space, avoiding the removal of the roof lining or replacement of the underlay. This is a major advantage, as it’s almost impossible to retrofit correct ventilation in a roof space once the tiles have been laid.

  • The KimaAir is made of polypropylene which ensures durability, as well as flexibility during installation and in use.

  • The KimaAir has a venting area of 56cm2 per unit, so it complies with the regulations for 5mm continuous ventilation at the ridge. Therefore, the requirement will be for one KimaAir per pitch truss, fitted next to a rafter, two tile battens down from the ridge, on either side of the roof pitch.

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Installationsguide - Dansk
Installation Guide - English
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Manual in danish

Manual in english

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