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Machine capacity in injection molding ranges from 40 to 500 tons, which allows casting of workpieces with shot weight from 0 - approx. 1,300 grams.


The machine capacity within extrusion ranges from 20 kg to approx. 160 kg. per. hour.


All machines are fitted with automatic auxiliary equipment such as color dossiers, robots, plc control etc., so that manual handling is minimized.


Production is distributed with the main emphasis on various technical articles for the industry, just as its own product range is constantly evolving.


Great emphasis is placed on servicing the customers, including through flexibility in all areas, ranging from collaboration with a designer in the development phase, trial run of items in the start-up phase, and willingness to be stock-keeping, ensuring the customer day-to-day deliveries.


Quality assurance is achieved through careful commissioning of tools, sampling during production and output control.

Tagtilbehør, Roof Accessories, Dach Zubehörn, Taktillbehör

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