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Kima Roof Accessories, was founded in 1988. We specialize in injection molding and extrusion, and can work in all known plastic types. 

We also have a solid cooperation with tool factories both at home and abroad, which ensures a great deal of flexibility and competitiveness in both prices, development and quality.

We place great emphasis on security of delivery, quality control and accuracy for all our products, and we are also committed to being a stock leader so that we can always deliver quickly and safely.


Kima Roof Accessories sales and delivery terms

1. All orders are listed and quotations are made at the current prices and conditions


2. Returns of products may take place in special cases, but only against prior agreement.


3. Kima Roof Accessories guarantees that services will meet those applicable at the time of delivery

authority requirements, while the buyer alone bears the responsibility that the delivery stated in the order confirmation is legal and appropriate for the buyer’s use. The seller is not liable for any losses and

consequential damages that may arise from the use of our products.


4. Complaints regarding the products delivered will be treated with care when given

Kima Roof Accessories will notify you immediately upon notice. Delivery can only be found

Place free of charge when errors can be detected on the products delivered and on condition

The salesman's instructions and instructions have been followed.


5. Kima Roof Accessories recognizes the construction delivery clause formulated by

The Ministry of Housing and Construction, including the masonry building magazine no. 36 August 1999 for

ventilated bird grilles for brick roofs.


6. The delivery terms in the order confirmation are endeavored to comply with, subject to unforeseen

obstacles and force majeure. Force majeure is also considered labor conflicts, tax / VAT

increases, etc.


7. All legitimate disputes are settled under Kima Roof Accessories' protection area.

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